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, headline-making case. it's been more than six years since george smith vanished from a honeymoon cruise in the mediterranean. no one has ever been arrested, and the investigation has at times seemed to grind to a halt. but now "dateline" has obtained exclusive access to never-before-seen documents, photos and depositions that may offer tantalizetion new clues to what really happened on that ship. here's dennis murphy. >> i happened to look at the cover of the lifeboats. it looked like red blood. >> a missing honeymooner george smith. >> that's when i heard a horrific thud. >> missing, presumed dead. >> she has no idea what happened. i'm not letting her go to jail. >> she's not! >> reporter: in a twitter fight, captivated cable-driven news cycle, events of even a month ago can seem like ancient history. so here's a memory jog from years back. the missing groom, a beautiful blonde bride, her good-looking bride. in mysterious fashion he went overboard on their honeymoon. remember them? george smith and jennifer hagel. his mother does and always will. >> he made our
celebrating our district attorney, george gascon. [applause] >> i was telling the d.a. when i was walking in, i remember going through a few of these things. it's one of those awkward feelings. you want to enjoy the moment and you want to celebrate and reflect on all the hard work and thank everybody for their contribution and the effort to the cause. at the same time you hope it goes on perfectly and look at it as a fond memory and make sure folks like me don't speak too long. let me try to do my best to try to condense a few things. what an amazing journey. i'll be brief in this quick, quick description. imagine being george back in the 1950's living in cuban. that's where george came from. he was there watching his father lose his job because he had the audacity to speak up and express his political points of view. he watched his uncle spend more than 10 years in prison for doing the same. at just 13, talk about a vulnerable age, 13 years old, he makes his way to the second largest city in the united states of america speaking only spanish, uprooted from his home country, and he comes out
, "red tails, "about the tuskegee airmen. it was produced by george lucas, who has worked on bringing this project to the big screen for over 20 years. a conversation with actor terence howard, coming up right now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it is the cornerstone we all know. it is not just a street, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make everyday better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] captioned by the national captioning institute tavis: pleased to welcome terence howard back to this program. the oscar nominee heads "red tails," which tells the story of the tuskegee airmen. the film is playing in theaters around the country. here now, a scene. >> your combat record, which to this point -- >> we have done all of that. >> to this point -- >> i do not believe your boys have scored a single aerial strike. >> you have not assigned as a single foreign mission. >> it is hard to shoot down the enemy 100 miles behind
hampshire, a place he won in 2000 and beat george bush, a place he beat mitt romney it's a little coincidental, isn't it that this would happen on this day after iowa? >> reporter: the move is meant
be used to empower our communities. i know that george gascon is the kind of individual as a leader in law enforcement who will make one of the greatest district attorneys of san francisco. [applause] >> he has talked with me many times about the men and women of the san francisco district attorney's office who are the support staff, who are the attorneys, who are the investigators and about his desire to support their work and to continue its excellence. so as the former district attorney of san francisco, i know that we are in good hands as a person who lives in san francisco and cares still about this city no matter how far we travel and how big the state is. i know that in george gascon, we will have a future for san francisco that is really in large part in part of what we all are as the legacy that starts with the san francisco's d.a. office at least going back to pat brown which is having a d.a.'s office which is a model of what our state can do in terms of law enforcement and the smart on crime approach. so, george, i want to congratulate you and wish you good luck. you probably ha
with george stephanopoulos, the anchor of abc's "this week." i'll stump him by asking about next week. [laughter] congratulations on your new baby, beyonce. one word of advice: ♪ if you feed it then you better put a bib on it ♪ this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central [theme music playing] [cheering and applause] >> stephen: welcome to "the report," everybody. good to have you with us. [audience chanting "stephen"] [cheering and applause] folks, thank you so much. folks, that could not have been more beautiful if it had been sung by a half-worth bard. tough life, those half-worth bards. nation, unless you live in a cave, i'm sure you've heard that yesterday's new hampshire primary was won by mitt romney. and if you do live in a cave, i'm guessing you voted for ron paul. the man came in a strong second. now, former utah governor and obama ambassador to china jon huntsman had bet everything on new hampshire, but he came in third at 17%. last night he rallied the troops. >> i'd say third place is a ticket to ride, ladies and gentlemen. >> stephen: yes, he'
spot on highway 24. let's go to george for an update. >>george: a second hot spot westbound, just west of the 680 interchange. it is affecting all of the westbound lanes. there are two lanes blocked right now. there is a blackout on the sensors just before the scene of the accident. it is hard to tell exactly how far the backup breaches, but lately it reaches all the way to 24 and could soon impact the southbound 680 ride headed towards the scene of that crash. the delays here are unanticipated. another hot spot on 92, just west of 280. there was a head-on crash reported that blocked the two westbound lanes. there were no injuries reported. from 35 up 2 to 80 it is stopped in go in both directions. do not be surprised if this backs of traffic. a bridge check as we look first at the bay bridge westbound, we might see a backup if we do not end up with an accident on interstate 80 like yesterday carried the san mateo bridge is pretty light westbound in eastbound. in >>george: visibility is pretty good. we have high clouds out there. let's take a look at the rain. we're watching to see if
. ♪[music plays] everybody. my guest tonight is the new anchor of abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos. that's funny. that's the name of the old anchor. please welcome george stephanopoulos. [cheering and applause] thanks so much. hey, george. good to see you again. how's it going? all right, sir. that's the big news. what is this? >> i heard you were running low. >> stephen: you want to do a couple shots? >> let's go. >> stephen: all right. let's do it. okay. you first. >> go ahead. [cheering and applause] >> stephen: there you go. now, george, i imagine you need a hit of whisky after this debate on saturday night. >> that was fun. >> stephen: we'll get to that in a moment. talk about you're returning to "this week." >> going back. >> stephen: great show. you're going back. but isn't that greedy because you're staying at "good morning america." what's next? are you going to take jimmie kimmel show? >> i asked about, that but it's in l.a., so i can't do it. >> is it going to be permanent? >> at least for the election year. >> stephen: good luck. >> good luck to you in th
] >> well, it's my great pleasure to be a part of today's celebration and to district attorney george gascon, i want to welcome you to being the -- and good luck. [laughter] as the next chief elected law enforcement officer of the great city and county of san francisco. it's a great job. it's a great job. it's so great that i always have a smile on my face as i'm traveling between san francisco and sacramento listening to kcbs and they talk about some horrific crime and they want comments from the district attorney and of course, i'm always like, did we respond and i realize that is george's job. but it really is a great job, george. you get to work with wonderful people like, of course, our now newly elected and soon to be inaugurated mayor ed lee. you get to -- [applause] >> you find that when you're the district attorney of san francisco, you definitely want to have friends in sacramento, in particular in the legislature because we have a very active office that is often finding ways that we can improve the laws and so we have found a great leader in senator mark leno who is here, of cour
as well as a world class people and a world class district attorney in the person of george gascon. will you be so kind to indulge with me in a prayer by bowing your heads. mercy and truth meet together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other. truth shall spring out of the earth. the righteousness should look down from heaven. let judgment run down like water and righteousness as a mighty stream. as st. paul said, i quality, therefore -- exalt, therefore, suspect my indication, prayer, intersession be made to all men. kings and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty. for this is the will, this is the good and acceptable in the sight of god, our savior, who have all men to be saved and come into the knowledge of his truth. amen. [applause] >> well, it's my great pleasure to be a part of today's celebration and to district attorney george gascon, i want to welcome you to being the -- and good luck. [laughter] as the next chief elected law enforcement officer of the great city and county of san francisco. it's a g
they used to call him george v. roosevelt liked strong and thought he was a good expert on military intelligence. so he would play them off very often against donovan, too. roosevelt had a secret spy agency he didn't tell donovan about until donovan got into forming the coi. it was actually an organization set up by john, franklin carter who set up a secret unit for roosevelt. >> donovan eventually sends roosevelt over the entire war and something like 4,500 memos, report, intelligence studies. the question is did roosevelt ever have time to read all of them? some people say that he didn't because he had wrote a few comments on most of donovan's reports. a lot of it was important strategic intelligence. one time he sent him a note that verbals the head of nazi propaganda was put on broadcast calling roosevelt a clicken putter who is german slang for door to door salesman. it turns out roosevelt did read most of donovan's reports. at least that's my view. he was really confined to his desk for much of the day unless the secret service came in and moved him so he had a lot of time to
roundtable weighs in on all of the week's politics with george will, cokie roberts, peggy noonan, paul krugman and jonathan karl. >>> good morning. a lot to cover today. as all of the republican campaigns blanket the state of south carolina with ads and appearances before what could be the decisive battle of this nomination fight. and their ranks may include a fake candidate. stephen colbert is standing by live for an exclusive interview on what he hopes to achieve with his campaign. that's coming right up. >>> but we begin with texas governor rick perry. governor perry, thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, george. how are you? >> i'm doing well. thank you. less than a week to go in south carolina, you're still lagging far behind, to borrow a metaphor from your home state, has south carolina become your alamo? >> i don't think so. but we get out every day and take our message of job creation and, you know, we're the most consistent fiscal conservative and social conservative in the race and that's our message, both on the air waves. the retail politics in south carol
the next district attorney of the city and county of san francisco. yeah, gavin mentioned george gascon's record, working up to assistant chief in the los angeles police department, taking a leave, getting a law degree and coming back. i guess he was in the department from 1978 to 1987, is that right? a long time. obviously well thought of. the city attorney of los angeles is here today to salute him. a very distinguished justice is here today in justice mow renault to give -- moreno to give him the oath of office. one of the things i learned over a lot of years, ladies and gentlemen, is nobody does anything by themselves. it's all a team effort. so the assistant d.a.'s that work with this new d.a., the judges that the cases are presented before, all of this is extraordinarily important. and i was very proud to support george gascon in this race for district attorney. and i did so because of his record, because of his consistency, because of his directness, because of his ability. i'm very proud that gavin newsom as mayor appointed him police chief and then district attorney and many ti
district attorney george gascon for his leadership. we look forward to continuing our work together by providing youth, the services and resources they need to be successful. [applause] >> i would like to introduce senior pastor aurelius walker. [applause] >> to the honorable and district attorney george gascon, distinguished leadership guests, ladies and gentlemen of the city of san francisco by the golden gate, a world class city and you cannot have a world class city if you do not have a world class leadership as well as a world class people and a world class district attorney in the person of george gascon. will you be so kind to indulge with me in a prayer by bowing your heads. mercy and truth meet together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other. truth shall spring out of the earth. the righteousness should look down from heaven. let judgment run down like water and righteousness as a mighty stream. as st. paul said, i quality, therefore -- exalt, therefore, suspect my indication, prayer, intersession be made to all men. kings and for all that are in authority, that we
, on this joyful occasion of this swearing in of george gascon, we ask you to bless the george, his wife, family, and wrens. empower the district attorney with the gifts of an ever deeper desire for truth, fairness, justice, equality, strength, professionalism, and integrity, so as to serve all of us, the people of our city of st. francis better. whenever our socio-economic background, culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, a belief system order religious tradition. bless his staff and all that work alongside him in his important mission for our common good. bless him with comfort and easy answers. bless him with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, so he will work for restorative justice, always remembering those without a voice or power in our society. to this end, blessed george with the foolishness to think that he can make a difference in this world so that he will do the things that others will tell him cannot be done. george, correct my spanish afterwards, please. [speaking spanish] amen. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the san francisco bay m
on whether coming out. changes in store for next week with rain on the way. >>george: in easy morning. it is friday. we are not looking at any hot spots or delays. a quick look at the fringes shows how light the brightest. >>mark: the domestic violence charges could soon be filed against san francisco's new sheriff. district attorney george gascoigne said he will make a decision by the day--by the end of the day. if the women are rallying for him to step down. he is accused of abusing his wife. she's pictured here. he is his wife both denied the allegations. >>justine: we are learning now that the trade deficit has climbed to a five month high of $47.8 billion. >> the 49ers are the super team of the planet. >> i think it is going to be close, as long as we run the ball and do not turn it over, we will be did. >>will: what about if you do not put pressure on trees? >> then we will go home. >>erica: kron4 wants to get you off the couch and into the stadium. kron4 and stubhub are giving away tickets to a lucky fans. to enter, visit our facebook fan page. the entry form is on the left-han
it was their divine right! [laughter] [applause] >> but not george. he really was very, very thoughtful. he called me and we chatted and i, of course, was really encouraging him because you don't know when you're going to need a d.a. [laughter] >> and in my lifetime, i have always stayed close to every district attorney, every attorney general all over the country. i don't take any chances whatsoever. i remember exactly what jack kennedy said when on "meet the press" and he had named his brother bobby to be his attorney general, u.s. attorney general. and they were upset with mr. kennedy, then the president, and they said, mr. president, nepities many this and nepities many is that. why did you name your brother the attorney general? . he said very simply, because my mother was not a lawyer. [laughter] >> he appointed the best qualified, most loyal, most direct person and gavin newsom did exactly that. and it's interesting, of course, you see gavin held off a whole week so that he could let kamala go so he would be able to fill her job. if he had taken the oath of office on the same day she had taken
's call kess four years ago, mike huckabee. plus our powerhouse roundtable. george will, jake tapper, matthew dowd and donna brazile. >>> reporting from manchester, new hampshire, george stephanopoulos. [ applause ] >>> good morning, everyone. great to be back with you on sunday mornings. great to be here with this live audience right here in manchester. we got a terrific lineup this morning. right here on the same stage where all of the candidates debated last night. closing in on his first primary the stakes were high. mitt romney, way ahead in this state, he took some early heat from his rivals. zeroing in on romney's corporate background. as investor in bain capital. >> you got to lead and inspire. >> i'm not really enmored as a wall street model where you can flip companies, go in and have leverage buyouts. take out the money and leaving behind the workers. >> no one amounted a sustained attack. romney kept to his script. it was battle for second place finish here. including this one between ron paul and the man he's called a chicken hawk, newt gingrich. >> i think people who do
-laden. now, we were fighting out there was this tense time when the mission was happening. >>george: the chp is now on seen in is confirming that three of the lanes on interstate 80 are blocked west out commute direction. this is a huge problem and will be a big delay. we will feel the effects of this all morning long. this is the location of the crash. it is just ahead of the 580 march. it has already had a big impact on traffic. sensors have recently been updated. expect to see slower track a callback from hilltop with a drive time already is 22 minutes from hercules to berkeley. we understand that one of the vehicles involved was overturned. initial reports indicate there could be reckless driving involved. >>erica: it is pretty quiet in the weather center. clear conditions overlooking the james lick. we are dealing with tartars running in the upper '40's and low fifties around the bay area. we will continue to see seasonably mild-1 temperatures this afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. we will continue with a dry and mild weather pattern for the rest of january. here is a look at those nu
-interest and george stephanopoulos realizes he can be part of the show. >> as a famous columnist wrote this week, namely myself, why they're republicans putting themselves into the straightjacket and feel they have to show up at the media driven debates and know they'll get the gotcha questions like the george stephanopoulos contraception and should states pass these laws kind of thing, why don't they do their own debates, and, have sean hannity or rush limbaugh show up, if he can judge the miss america process he can be part of the presidential selection process. >> really good. >> for those who might have missed george stephanopoulos's questions, roll it now: >> do you believe the states have that right or not? >> george, i... i don't know whether the state has the right to ban contraception, no state wants to, the idea of you putting forward things that states might want to do, no state wants to do, ask me whether they can do that is a silly thing. >> do you believe... the supreme court should -- >> can you really take the time now and explain to everybody what happened there? how it was poss
into the weekend we will see a lot of sunshine. we will be contending with gusty winds. >>george: we are probably a few minutes away from the beginning of some back up on the bay bridge westbound. the approach is still look good and the drive times are 9-11 minutes out of the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco. we have not seen anything in the way of slow traffic or problems. >>george: a little bit of salon on 101. for 101 server marin county, an easy trip southbound. 22-23 minute drive time from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >>justine: the labor department has just put out a new weekly employment numbers. >>james: several occupy oakland protesters were arrested frank ogawa plaza during a raid late last night. they say protesters have violated permit conditions. workers at american licorice company are protesting this morning in front of union city. protesters are striking. he can see them carrying picket signs. >> we feel really bad because most of us have been working here for more than 15 years. >> they make 16-$18 an hour. this situation comes with the economic troubles we are fa
. george will, laura ingraham, donna brazile and austan goolsbee. >>> good morning, everyone. george stephanopoulos has a well-deserved morning off. with just two days until tuesday's critical florida primary, it has been a wild weekend of campaigning in the sunshine state. two pieces of breaking news for you overnight from florida, first an endorsement from key party favorite herman cain. >> i hereby, officially and enthusiast enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states. >> speaker gingrich is running for president. and going through this sausage grinder. i know what this sausage grinder is all about. >> the pizza man knows about the sausage grinder. the tampa bay times released a new poll of the race. romney has opened up his lead over gingrich. 42% to 31%. rick santorum trails at 14%. this intensely competitive race is where we begin the show this morning. former speaker newt gingrich joins us from the tampa area. mr. speaker, thank you for being here. >> thank you, jake zmrmplt as we pointed out last night, you received that rally you received an end
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 4,292 (some duplicates have been removed)